Cross Cultural Training

We help professionals enhance intercultural management and negotiation skills through in-company training programs.

The cross-cultural management courses are designed to develop and implement an integrated approach to managing multicultural business relations. Its purpose is to enable participants to sharpen the quality of communication, negotiation and conflict-resolution skills within an intercultural context. Emphasis is placed on organizational culture, cross-cultural management and multicultural environment analysis.

The following are the major objectives of the training courses:

  1. To help participants gain an appreciation and understanding of the nature of culture and cross-cultural communication, emphasizing on the impact of culture on business practices in specific countries.
  2. To develop skills to improve communication with individuals from specific cultures, with the aim of enhancing management skills in multicultural environments.
  3. To enable participants to develop cross-cultural negotiation skills with business people of an array of origins, determined by specific cultural/national contexts.
  4. To gain insight in global human resource management issues, related to overseas executive postings.
  5. To enable participants to exercise cross-cultural abilities through real-life communication and negotiation practices.