About Us

CrossBridge Consulting Inc. aims at providing services built around the unique needs of enterprises and governmental and non-governmental business promoting agencies and pioneering best practices in cross-border business management through:

  1. Strategic Market Consulting;
  2. Support of SME’s Internationalization Process;
  3. Global Supply Chain Management;
  4. Strategic Management of Business Information;
  5. Planning and execution of international promotions.

CrossBridge was borne of the entrepreneurial vision of international business professionals – Martin Desmaras and Joceli Marina Cardozo – with the purpose of offering high-value global business solutions to enterprises, export consortia and government agencies. Depending on the complexity and specificity of a client’s needs, Crossbridge relies on associated consultants in the legal, finance and taxation fields.



To become a primary agent of internationalization of organizations that wish to penetrate overseas markets, attract FDI and manage international tourism.


Core Values

  1. We place our clients first.
  2. We are proactive, taking initiative in the pursuit of our objectives.
  3. We privilege know-how as a cornerstone asset and we share it with our partners and clients.
  4. We believe in synergies, as a fundamental way of working.
  5. We are passionate and enterprising in the development of market penetration strategies.